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Top Cardiologist at Global Hospital Chennai gifting the best Heart health to many


Owing to rapidly mushrooming people with severe Cardiac diseases, Cardiac procedures are availed very frequently these days. One of the most crucial factors for the success of a Cardiac surgery is the diagnostic, treatment and surgical infrastructure required for appropriately diagnosing and surgically addressing the Cardiac issues. But what is the most crucial factor is the proficiency of the surgical hands. Performing such complex heart procedures requires a very high level of precision and the thorough knowledge about each and every aspect of the field of Cardiology.

India is enormously blessed in this matter because the Cardiac experts practicing in Indian hospitals are recognized all over the world for their talent. More specifically, the Cardiologists in Chennai are some of the most adept and have very commendable success rates. One of the Top cardiologist at global hospital chennai Dr. Sandeep Attawar , is currently associated as the Director and Chairman of Cardiovascular Surgery at the extremely reputed Global Hospital located in Chennai and Hyderabad; also looks after Thoracic Organ Transplantation along with Mechanical Circulatory Support.

Top Cardiologist at Global Hospital Chennai

Dr. Attawar is one of the most sought after Cardiac experts of India and is a surgeon of international repute for his expertise in the most progressive Cardiac surgery techniques like Heart Bypass Surgery or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Valve Repair and Replacement Surgery, Robotic Cardiac Surgery and Organ Transplant. Apart from Global Hospitals, he has extensive and very rich experience of working with highly esteemed hospitals like Fortis Memorial Research Institute at Gurgaon, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital at Jaipur, Apollo Hospitals at Dhaka, Manipal Heart Foundation in Manipal and many others. 

He is also known to be the best Cardiac surgeon at Global Hospital Hyderabad and till date has cured numerous patients of the most complicated heart disorders. With his experience of several years, Dr. Attawar ensures the most apt treatment and surgical solutions for his patients making him one of the top Cardiologist at Global Hospital Chennai. He loves working in challenging situations and can very skilfully deal with the most intricate heart procedures. His endeavours are always aimed at enhancing the treatment experience for his patients as well as his commitments towards developing more upgraded surgical techniques has brought immense relief for several heart patients, not only in India but also located in other countries.

To book an instant appointment with Dr. Sandeep Attawar Best cardiac surgeon in India 
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 or call at : +919370586696

Affordable Cardiac treatment in India

India has made affordable treatment and surgeries a reality for innumerable patients. It doesn’t matter, for which medical condition the patients want to get treated or how progressive the treatment and surgical technique is, India surely has a cost effective solution to it. 

Same applies to the field of Cardiology as well. In India, the top hospitals with extremely developed Cardiology departments are offering a huge amount of cost relief to patients belonging to not only developed countries like UK, USA, UAE, etc., but also to patients from the remotest and poorest corners of the world. These hospitals like Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, Artemis Hospital, Medanta, particularly Global Hospital Chennai offers low cost Cardiac surgery in India.

For example, the Heart Bypass procedure is priced at 1,23,000 in USA while the same costs only $7,900 in India. Also, the Valve Replacement procedure is priced at $1,70,000 in USA whereas the same costs as low as $9,500 in India. Such huge cost differences are making sure that even the most advanced Cardiac procedures are available for all.

Get connected with the best Cardiac Surgeons with India Cardiac Surgery Site

If you are thinking of availing a Cardiac surgery in India, then with India Cardiac Surgery Site, you can access the finest facilities associated with it. 

  • The top Cardiologist at Global Hospital Chennai like Dr. Sandeep Attawar is associated with us and we can help you get connected with such experts
  • We guarantee that the patients won’t have to wait for a long time 
  • We make low cost Cardiac surgery India easily possible 
  • With our medical visa services, travel arrangements and accommodation facilities, you can easily come to India 
  • We make sure that the best Cardiac surgeon at Global Hospital Hyderabad treat our patients
  • Our follow up services are there to ascertain complete recovery 

Russian Nationals can also avail the service : Dr. Sandeep Attawar India’s Top cardiologist at global hospital chennai 

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Plan Your Cardiovascular Surgery with Dr. Z.S. Meharwal the Best in India


Cardio thoracic surgical operation is a specialized medical area which entails surgical remedy of organs within the thorax or the chest. The surgery is generally suggested for treatment of certain types of heart and lung diseases. Cardiac surgery includes surgical treatment of disorders of the heart and great vessels.

Dr. Zile Singh Meharwal 100% devoted as a nationally recognized heart surgeon

Dr Z S Meharwal is a world renowned cardiovascular surgeon. He has more than 22 years of experience in the field of cardiovascular surgery. He has performed more than 10000 cardiac surgical procedures. Dr Meharwal has acquired many national and worldwide awards by way of numerous organizations, together with citation award by president of India, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam for his contribution in the area of cardiac surgical operation. Dr. Z.S. Meharwal is a distinguished cardiac health care professional in India he has been a part of Fortis escorts heart institute in since its inception. Dr. Meharwal India’s no 1 cardiovascular surgeon has accomplished many complicated cardiac approaches that encompass repair and substitute, important vascular surgical treatment, heart transplants and several bypass surgical procedures. His area of interest includes Carotid endarterectomy, off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery, CABG in patients with poor ventricular function and installing of ventricular assist devices. He has traveled around the around delivering lectures and educating people about heart risks. Dr. Meharwal also supports several charitable trusts and contributes towards them.

Top 5 reasons that make Dr. Z.S. Meharwal best cardiovascular surgeon of India

  • Dr. Meharwal is one of the best-recognized cardio-vascular experts in India. He is also the program director of cardio thoracic surgical operation at Fortis escorts heart institute.
  • Patients from India and all around the world come to Dr. Z.S. Meharwal best cardiovascular surgeon of India with lots of hopes and the doctor ensures that the patients are satisfied with the treatments, with his experience and the techniques he uses as a cardiologist.
  • Dr. Z. S. Meharwal best surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi is devoted to excellence in patient care, primary & clinical research on ailment affecting the patients and training of next era of cardiothoracic surgeons.
  • Dr. Z. S. Meharwal primary goal is to provide his sufferers with custom designed fine treatment options to be available in surgical care. With Dr. Z. S. Meharwal, you're within the hands as he's the most certified, capable and skilled professionals in the world.
  • In bypass alone, Dr. Z. S. Meharwal top cardiovascular surgeon has a stunning 99.7% success rate- among the highest in the world. Dr. Z. S. Meharwal is not only experts in traditional cardiac surgery techniques, but is also on the forefront of emerging technologies to treat the full spectrum of congenital and degenerative cardiac conditions. 

How to get consult with Dr. Z S Meharwal?

Now no need to wait to get consultation with Dr. Z S Meharwal. We have fastest tracking system 

Send your email at :

Also you can reach Dr. Meharwal at : 


Dr. Z S Meharwal Expertise in Cardiac Surgery 

  • All the Off pump coronary artery bypass surgery procedures
  • The Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
  • The heart valve repair and replacement procedures
  • A number of surgery procedure of ascending aortic aneurysms and dissections
  • Complex procedures like Carotid endarterectomy
  • All the major Vascular surgery procedures
  • The CABG in patients with dull and poor ventricular function

Why Saudi Arabia patients choose Dr. Z. S. Meharwal in India?

Saudi Arab patients choose Dr. Z. S. Meharwal India’s no 1 cardiovascular surgeon as their cardiac surgeon in India.  Also the costs of cardiac surgeries offered by Dr. Z. S. Meharwal are much more affordable compared to most western countries. The cardiology procedures are prohibitively expensive in the Saudi, but the same surgery is performed in India for a fraction of the cost. The very basic reason to consider the same is the availability of high quality and low cost heart surgery in India. Dr. Z. S. Meharwal best cardiovascular surgeon of India realizes that Saudi patients looking for treatment in India have special needs and requirements. In order to provide a extraordinarily specialized cardiac service, he gives seamless affected person offerings of world-class quality. Dr. Z. S. Meharwal has set exceptional service requirements across the country.

Why choose India cardiac surgery service?

At India cardiac surgery service, we've the benefit of large experience in coping with patients, understand the importance of every surgery and treat each patient professionally. India cardiac surgery service cares approximately your wishes and ensures to provide you the excellent price for the medical services. We have a strong follow-up process and the patients are contacted in their home country for after care. All our patients due to their trust in us have referred their friends and spouse and children to India cardiac surgery service for numerous medical needs. This, itself, is a testimony to the fact that they had the best patient experience.

Want to get cardiac surgery package details and cost of treatment in India?

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Dr. T.S. Kler A Commitment to Advancing Cardiac Care in India


A healthy heart is essential to a long and healthy lifestyle. There are many things that can go wrong with the heart, and sometimes the symptoms that something is wrong are not always obvious. Interventional cardiology represents superior education in cardiovascular disease and specializes in the invasive (usually catheter-based totally) management of heart sickness.

What Dr. T.S. Kler offers you in interventional cardiology care in India
  • Dr. T.S. Kler offers specialized expertise in treating coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease, and more.  
  • Advanced remedy alternatives by Dr. T.S. Kler, from outpatient angioplasty to minimally invasive valve repair or alternative.  
  • Scientific trials of promising remedies, presenting you early access to new remedy options, at the same time as suitable.
  • Comprehensive aid for you and your family of relatives, from pressure reduction to care coordination so you can focus on recovery.
  • Ease of access to care, with timely appointments and specialists available by phone after-hours.  
Dr. T.S. Kler offers sophisticated diagnoses and innovative treatments in field of interventional cardiology

Dr. T.S. Kler is one of the top interventional cardiologists in India, his mission is to provide world class, slicing side interventional care to his cardiac sufferers, even as answering essential studies questions and instructing future leaders in the field. Dr. T.S. Kler top 10 cardiologists in India treat patients of all ages, from infants to seniors. He is the most talented doctor, quick decision maker and perfect combination of friendship and professionalism. Dr. T.S. Kler best cardiologist in world is one of the best people who know what people need and what is needed for the given time. He is very soft communicated. To request an appointment with Dr. T.S. Kler best interventional cardiologist in Delhi, please contact us within one business day to schedule your appointment call on +91-9370586696. 

Dr. T.S. Kler offering cutting edge interventional cardiology techniques in India

Dr. T.S. Kler is a heart specialist who treats all elements of coronary heart illnesses which includes prognosis, pharmacological and interventional treatment with coronary angioplasty and stents

Dr. T.S. Kler is a heart specialist who treats all aspects of coronary heart diseases which includes analysis, pharmacological and interventional remedy with coronary angioplasty and stents. Dr. T.S. Kler first-class interventional cardiologist India is devoted to the continuous education this is required with a purpose to provide his patients with not only the latest in technology but the most current prevention and treatment practices. Dr. T.S. Kler best interventional cardiologist in Delhi is committed to treating every patient with compassion. He provides care that is both individualized and accessible. Dr. T.S. Kler best cardiologist in global is committed in forming a true partnership with each affected person as he strives to function guiding hands in the direction of better health and a existence lives in India

Why choose India cardiac surgery service

In case you are seeking out a safe and reliable companion to handle each component of your medical treatment in India, India cardiac surgery service would be a good choice. Here's why:
  • Ranked as one of India's best medical referral companies
  • A network of 30 associate hospitals to choose from
  • We are not bound to any single hospital and are therefore able to bring you the best doctors and hospitals in India, keeping in mind your specific medical needs
  • Quick responses. Within 24-hours
  • Cost-effective prices at our associate hospitals in India
  • We have treated patients from 31 countries we understand and anticipate your needs
  • No extra charges for our services. We receive an administration fee from the hospitals directly.
  • Personalized attention at all times
  • Single point of contact for all your needs

For greater facts, medical assessment and clinical quote send your specified medical records and scientific reports as e mail attachment to email: -
Call : +91-9370586696

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Heart Transplant Surgery By Dr. K R Balakrishnan Under Who’s Care You Know That You Are In Safe Hands


A heart transplant is a surgery used to treat the most critical cases of coronary heart disease. This is a treatment option for people who are in the end stages of heart failure. Medication, lifestyle changes, and less invasive procedures haven’t succeeded. People have to meet precise standards to be taken into consideration a candidate for the method. Receiving a new heart can improve your quality of life considerably, but you have to take good care of it. 

Procedure of heart transplant surgery in India

Heart transplant surgery includes removing of maximum of your diseased heart and placing one from someone who has died.

The surgery involves:
  • A major incision down your chest. Your breastbone is split in half.
  • Your main arteries are connected to a heart lung bypass machine to pump your blood and a ventilator will help you breathe.
  • most heart transplants are performed with a way called orthotopic surgical treatment, in which maximum of your coronary heart is removed however the back half of both upper chambers, called atria, are left in place. Then the front half of the donor heart is sewn to the back half of the old heart.
  • The donor's aorta and pulmonary arteries are connected to yours. The bypass machine is disconnected and your new heart begins the work of pumping blood.
  • Your incisions are closed.

Dr. K R Balakrishnan caring for your heart in innovating way in India

Dr. K R Balakrishnan is one of the best cardiac surgeon in India, with survival rates which exceed that of the international benchmarks. He performs about 25-30 hearts transplants every year and to till date has executed over 1800 transplants. Dr. K R Balakrishnan chief cardiac surgeon Fortis is a major referral cardiac surgeon in India. He is involved in cutting edge research and numerous clinical trials and is Director - Cardiac Sciences at Fortis Hospital Chennai. Dr. K R Balakrishnan transplant surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital goal is to provide comprehensive innovative cardiac surgical care to enable his patients to maintain an active life. Dr. K R Balakrishnan best heart transplant surgeon India plays a significant and pioneering role in the development of cardiac surgery in India. so if you would like more information or even if you have a simple question, please email us at 

Dr. K R Balakrishnan offers excellence in cardiac care in India

Leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of heart related illnesses, Dr. K R Balakrishnan heart transplant surgeon in fortis malar hospital offers cardiac care from the early stages of detection, diagnosis and treatment. Equipped with the latest medical technology, he can handle adult, children and even babies with heart ailments. Dr. K R Balakrishnan chief cardiac surgeon Fortis focuses on the diagnosis and detection of heart diseases and offers a complete range of treatment options which includes angioplasty and bypass.  He performs 90% of its heart bypass using the less invasive or off-pump procedure.  Dr. K R Balakrishnan has performed more than 1,000 Cardiac surgical operations with an overall survival of more than 98%. He has experience in a wide range of cardiac diseases; he has many modalities to treat you or your loved one’s heart conditions. Familiar with managing the healthcare needs of patients of all ages, he will help to put your mind at ease. 

India cardiac surgery service advantages

Upon contacting India cardiac surgery service, you will immediately be introduced to your dedicated patient care manager who will answer all of your questions and help you understand your options with our concierge-like support through each step of your journey, from scheduling a consultation to treatment. We will help handle all the logistics of your care including scheduling, billing, and insurance. This way all you have to do is focus on your road to better health. We look forward to being a part of your cardiac surgery success in India!

We pride ourselves on our level of patient care, so if you would like more information or even if you have a simple question, please email us at or call on +91-9370586696 

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Peripheral Arteries Bypass Surgery by Dr. Balaji V Committed to Care in Neurology Treatment in India


Peripheral artery pass is surgical procedure to reroute the blood supply round a blocked artery in taken into consideration certainly one of your legs. Fatty deposits can build up inside the arteries and block them. A graft is used to replace or bypass the blocked part of the artery. The graft may be a plastic tube, or it can be a blood vessel (vein) taken from your body (most customarily the other leg) all through the same surgical procedure.

During bypass surgery of any artery in India

During peripheral bypass surgery, the blocked artery is left in place and a new artery is placed to detour blood around the blockage. This lets in the blood to flow around the blockage and reach the the leg. Large arteries are commonly bypassed with man-made grafts. Smaller arteries are generally bypassed the use of veins out of your own leg. The surgery is done thru incisions in your groin and alongside the length of your leg. The surgeon attaches the graft at the top and bottom end. The area that is blocked will no longer receive any blood flow. At the end of the procedure, your incision will be closed with surgical clips.To book an instant appointment with the Dr Balaji V  Best Vascular Surgeon Chennai send your query to Email Address or call at +91-9370586696

Dr. Balaji V aiding the right diagnosis and right treatment of vascular diseases in India

Dr. Balaji V best vascular surgeon in Chennai provides treatment for a wide variety of vascular diseases. Dr. Balaji V vascular surgeon specialist in Chennai is committed to excellence in patient care, basic & clinical research on disease affecting his patients and training of next generation of vascular surgeon’s. Dr. Balaji V top vascular surgeon at Apollo Chennai primary goal is to provide his patients with customized best treatment options available in surgical care. Dr. Balaji V best vascular surgeon in India caters to the full spectrum of arterial, venous and lymphatic disorders; with cutting-edge technology he delivers services at par with international standards. Dr. Balaji V top vascular surgery doctor in Chennai investigates each and every patient in order to have a comprehensive understanding of their condition.

Dr. Balaji V offers an expert advice in neurology treatment in Chennai

Dr. Balaji V top vascular surgery doctor in Chennai is a well-known surgeon in the field of vascular surgery in India. With a successful practice of 11+ years, he works with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai one of the renowned hospitals in India. Dr. Balaji V head of vascular surgery at Apollo Hospitals Chennai expertise lies in laser treatment of varicose veins, venus ulcers, Intra-arterial thrombolysis procedures, and cellulitis. Patients are seen in the out-patient clinic on appointment basis. Urgent and emergency cases are seen as direct referral or through the emergency department. Dr. Balaji V is renowned vascular surgery specialists performing high risk vascular surgery procedure with very good success rate comparable with best vascular surgeon in the world. Dr. Balaji V top vascular surgery doctor in Chennai offers quality surgery while he guarantees the lowest cost. His understanding of Indian healthcare enables him to provide cost that is reasonable, affordable and transparent. 

India cardiac surgery services
  • First consultation about the overall of your personal conditions and the treatment programs available in India.
  • Recommend the professional vascular surgeon and team with highly experienced and international standard qualified.
  • Offer the health secretary service to co-operate with hospital and make your personal arrangement.
  • Planning your personal program, expected the date (treatment period), estimate budgeting.
  • Arrange the accommodations, living place/hotel up to the treatment expected date and your requirement.
On your coming
  • Arrange the transportation to pick up you at Airport and send to the hotel we've prepared.
  • Assist for any necessary needed during your long staying.
  • On the hospital appointment day, take you to hospital and be your health secretary, assist you to manage your plan details from doctor.
  • Visiting during the recovery period
  • Recommend and guide you the attraction trips in India, so that you can relax and enjoy during the treatment vacation.
Read Also: Insight into Atherectomy by Dr. Balaji V Top Vascular Surgery Doctor in Chennai

If you are an international patient and would like an appointment, or email us Our friendly staff will assist you in arranging your appointment and any paperwork. Call at +91 – 9765025331

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Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair by Dr. S. K. Sinha Offers High Quality of Trust in Tough Situation


The mitral valve is a one-way valve comprised of leaflets that conducts blood drift thru the left side of the heart. When open, the mitral valve permits oxygenated blood from the lungs to fill the heart’s main pumping chamber, the left ventricle. When the left ventricle squeezes to deliver blood during the body, the mitral valve generally closes to prevent you blood from flowing back in the direction of the lungs.

Minimally invasive mitral valve repair procedure in India

Traditional heart surgery incision The incision is larger (about 6 - 8 inches), made down the sternum, through bone and muscle Minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery is performed through a small incision, often using specialized surgical instruments. The most usually employed minimally invasive technique to the mitral valve is a “mini-thoracotomy” which consists of a three inch incision made thru the right side of the chest between the ribs. Heart-lung bypass is instituted with small tubes placed in the main artery and vein of the right leg through a 1 to 2 inch incision placed in the right groin crease. The heart is then stopped and the left atrium is opened to expose the mitral valve. At this point, handpicked “chopstick” like devices is inserted through this small incision with the aid of the medical professional to repair the valve. After the valve is repaired, it's far tested. The heart is then closed and restarted. Finally, heart-lung bypass is discontinued and the incisions are closed.To book an instant appointment with the Dr. S. K. Sinha best cardiothoracic surgeon in Delhi send your query to Email Address or call at +91-9370586696. 

Dr. S. K. Sinha comprehensive cardiac care at Max Healthcare, Delhi

Dr. S. K. Sinha is cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare, Delhi, India with 33 years of experience in cardiac surgery. Dr. S. K. Sinha best cardiothoracic surgeon in Delhi is working with purpose of meeting the needs of an ever increasing number of adults and children with heart and vascular problems. Dr. S. K. Sinha best heart surgeon in Delhi India offers care and assistance either for a new lease of life or to improve their quality of life. Having provided services to patients from Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Europe and the Philippines, Dr. S. K. Sinha best cardio vascular surgeon in Delhi India is aware that future needs and expectations will increase. He provides multidisciplinary care for your heart conditions, thus, one can be rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to Dr. S. K. Sinha heart specialist doctor in Delhi.

Dr. S. K. Sinha world class cardiac surgeon in Delhi

Dr. S. K. Sinha is an advanced cardiovascular surgeon that is equipped with the latest technology and equipment that tailors to the needs of patients and their families. For more than 33 years, Dr. S. K. Sinha heart specialist doctor in Delhi has been delivering the most innovative and comprehensive care for patients with complex diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and circulatory system. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It needs early detection and urgent treatment. Dr. S. K. Sinha best cardiothoracic surgeon in Delhi offers one of the largest and most modern cardiac care facilities which are affordable and available to one and all. Dr. S. K. Sinha is the best cardiologists and best cardiac surgeons in India who offer quality cardiac care services to domestic as well as international patients.

Why India cardiac surgery service

India cardiac surgery service help carefully selects surgeons who are highly qualified having good experience of cardiac surgeries. Our associate hospitals and health care centre are well facilitating in infrastructure and in latest technology. Specialized treatment and services help the patient to return to normal activity quickly after the surgery. Our associate doctors provide latest technical method and treatment such as minimal invasive surgery. 

India cardiac surgery service help services offer you:
  • Provides the choice to select highly qualified, experienced, and certified cardiac surgeons.
  • Provide various alternative destinations to select as per your requirements.
  • Prepare detailed cost estimates.
  • Arrange for medical consultations.
  • Assist in your preparation for your surgery and accommodation.
  • Make all necessary bookings.
  • Accompany you to all your surgery appointments.
  • Provide complete surgery.

We have highly trained professionals on board to provide you with the best medical assistance possible. Call us at any time of the day. We are always there to help you at +91 - 9370586696.  Book Immediate Appointment at Email ID :

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Low Cost for Angioplasty Surgery in Mumbai with India Cardiac Surgery Site


Angioplasty is a non surgical procedure that clears the blockages in the heart arteries by clearing or unblocking the narrowed or blocked arteries that are reasons for heart attacks or chest pain. It is one of the most common heart procedures done today and around 300,000+ angioplasties are done in India every year. Contact us to get assistance scheduling your appointment for low cost angioplasty in India at the best hospitals for angioplasty in India

Different Types Of Angioplasty surgery

The different types of angioplasty surgery include the coronary stenting, balloon angioplasty, atherectomy and laser angioplasty. All these procedure are variations of the original form of the balloon angioplasty. These procedure mainly differ in the type of instruments that are being used.

When Angioplasty surgery is needed?

Angioplasty surgery is needed to widen the coronary arteries of the heart which has been narrowed or blocked completely due to blood clot or the plaque build-up. Specifically which angioplasty technique the cardiologist uses will depends on where narrowing is, whether it is made of hard or soft plaque and how it is shaped.

How treatment works?

Angioplasty is done under local anesthesia with sedation at the cardiac catheterization laboratory or cath-lab by Interventional Cardiologists who insert a catheter through a wire into the narrowed blood vessels. The groing or arm is prepared for the catheter insertion and the blood thinning medicines are introduced. The balloon is then inflated to a fixed size to expand the vessel and then deflated and withdrawn.Get fast track Low Cost  Angioplasty Surgery in Mumbai by contacting India Cardiac Surgery Site by sending your query on our or call us at 91-9370586696

Risk and Results

Talk with your doctor about the risks of angioplasty. Most risks can be managed. Your level of risk also depends on your personal circumstances, but it can include an allergic reaction to the dye or stent, an artery collapsing or closing again, scar tissues that grow within a stent, bleeding or damage to the blood vessel where the catheter is inserted, blood clot can form in the stent, side effects from medication and heart attack, stroke or death.

The results of angioplasty includes an increase in the blood flow through the narrowed and blocked arteries. With exercise angina is reduced and the health improves with exercise and with proper changes in lifestyle and medications the overall health improvement is good. Generally no further surgery is needed after a successful coronary angioplasty. Patients can be discharged after an overnight stay at the best hospitals for angioplasty in India. However this depends on the condition of the patient’s health and the doctor’s advice. The patient is advised a lot of fluid intake and not to do any heavy lifting, exercise or smoking for the next 24 hours after the surgery.

Best hospital and Surgeon in Mumbai for Angioplasty surgery

Best hospital in Mumbai for Angioplasty has the same technological level as hospitals in Europe and America. They have the most experienced medical staff providing the patients with advanced clinical care for low cost angioplasty in India than in the Western country. 

The best surgeon in Mumbai for Angioplasty surgery provides excellent diagnosis and treatment for affordable angioplasty cost in Mumbai. They are known world wide for their specialized cardiac care in and work as a team to give their patients the best cardiac care possible. They uses the state-of-the-art equipment and the latest procedures available in cardiac medicine. 

Benefits with India Cardiac Surgery Site

Benefits with India Cardiac Surgery Site include low cost angioplasty in India at the best hospitals for angioplasty in India that provide cutting edge clinical solutions. The angioplasty cost in Mumbai is quite affordable as compared to the cost of the procedure in the West and hence you can end up saving substantially. India Cardiac Surgery has been offering a one stop solution to all the international patients seeking affordable angioplasty cost in Mumbai.Get fast track low cost Low Cost  Angioplasty Surgery in India of surgery in India by contacting India Cardiac Surgery Site by sending your query on our Email ID : or call us at 91-9370586696.

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