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How Open Heart Surgery Affects Sexual Health?


If you are treated with heart conditions with surgical procedures like open heart surgery then you are bound to affect your life a lot. After all recovering from the heart strokes or attack is takes time and you need to take a number of preventive measurements to keep things in a right shape. This goes the same for your sexual health as well. After having open heart surgery in India, one can end up affecting the sex life as well, however, when it comes to sexual life you need to be a bit conscious to carryout things in a perfect way. You are supposed to follow the instructions of the doctor while recovering from the open heart surgery to get back to the normal life, which simply include the sexual life. Well your partner would argue for not having sexual affair after the surgery but instead of having the argument it is recommended to go for the same and avoid another stroke. 

Sex is not that hard as one can feel 

One may argue as said above for avoiding sex after the open heart surgery in India as they can claim it can have extra stress on the body or heart that can be a risky affair for the patient having the said surgery for the heart ailment. However, digging deep into the sexual encounter one can agree to Richards A Stein the leading cardiologist from NYU School of Medicines based in New York, that sex is not strenuous job unlike the other activities like walking or moving on the stairs. In fact, the doctors simply allow the people for having sex the very next week after the surgery.  The doctor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore claims that people tend to be healthy for having sexual activity thus the media reports that claim the otherwise is nothing but taking people for a ride. 

Openly discuss with your doctor

A majority of patients undergoing for an open heart surgery in India tend shy away discussing about their sex life with their doctors. Even many doctors even don’t feel that comfortable in giving the information about the same. This can only create an air of mystery that will help either of them. Just because your doctor avoided talking about sex doesn’t really mean that it is off the table. Make sure you create a comfort zone with your doctor to discuss about the same. The patients need a proper counseling on this regard, discussing with doctor can help you in knowing the right ways of doing sex that can exert less amount of stress or pressure while doing the same. Secondly, they will tell you the best positions that can help the couple to enjoy sex and have intimate relationship without actually having the intercourse even.

Light the flame at Home 

This is not the best time to try any fancy idea. First things first, it is simply the best to avoid having sex at a number of other places rather than ones you are used to off. Also, if you are not married better try to stick to only one person or partner as being on a new and strange place can only add extra amount of stress. You can even avoid the heavy meal or alcohol before having the sex. Also, it can hamper your blood flow as well and it can hamper you the most claims the experts. 

Put sex in a right place 

It is natural and obvious to have an urge for sex even if you have procedures like open heart surgery in India. Sex is a sight of healthy relationship between a woman and a man. As per studies, having reduced amounts of sex can only lead to a number of problems, which can be sorted out with having a proper sex even after major surgeries like open heart. 

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Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty of Narayana Hospital Bangalore


If you talk about any affordable hospital in Southern India then one name comes at the top, which belong none other than the Narayana Hospital commonly known as Narayana Hrudayalaya based in Bangalore. It is known for catering high quality cardiac care services along with a number of other healthcare services. The hospital stands tall and mighty and remains accessible to even the poorest of the poor in India and abroad is due to the visionary person called Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty who happens to be the best cardio thoracic surgeon in India. He is the man behind founding this hospital way back two decades before and has pioneered some of the most affordable life saving surgeries remaining accessible for thousands of poor patients. Interestingly, all this are made possible with limited resources given by the Indian government making only 1.1 percent of the GDP of India as compared to the 18 percent in the US.

How Narayana Hospital manages to go so affordable  

Before you look at the life and profile of  Dr. Devi Prasad Best Cardio Thoracic Surgeon in India, how about checking his hospital, which will certainly speak about his caliber and vision behind establishing such a grand hospital in an expensive city like Bangalore. The hospital has more than 56 facilities wherein more than 2 million patients are treated every year including the global patients coming from different places of the world. This hospital is known to have one of the best clinical excellences and yet is seen operating with least of the economies making it a rare place in the world that is committed to give high quality cardiac care services with best of the affordability element. The hospital is able to keep a tight control over a number of things like its purchases, slashing down the cost by negotiating directly with the number of companies supplying it the equipment and other diagnostic tools so that the groups attached to the hospital can contribute in making the healthcare services affordable and thus accessible by all. With all these efforts the hospital is able to offer the cardiac surgery at not less than 800 USD dollars, which is a peanut as compared to the ones found in the western world.

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty at a Glance 

If you take a look at the life of Dr. Prasad Shetty who happens to be the Best Cardio Thoracic Surgeon in India, he is a simple man with outstanding contribution in the world of healthcare services. He holds his highest degree in cardiac care along with having qualification in medicine and relevant subjects giving him nothing but the best to hone his skills to cater the local and global patients alike with great care and professionalism. He founded the Narayana Hospital in the year 2001, which happens to be the multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore, which is located at the Bommasandra area the outskirts of the city. He always had the vision in mind to make the healthcare services accessible and available even for the poorest in the region, which is one of the objectives of founding this hospital. With all his expertise, experience and professionalism, he is not just a competitive cardiac care expert but also a man with vision, mission and humanity who is not just a healthcare entrepreneur but a man with noble character who really wants to make this world a disease free place by giving everyone the most affordable healthcare services. 

Wrapping up 

The country India is  not short of good hospitals and Narayana hospital is no exception. Thanks to the man called Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty who is not just the Best Cardio Thoracic Surgeon in India but a human being who is keen to cater quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. 

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Best hospital for Average Price CABG Surgery in India


Coronary artery bypass grafting is often called as CABG, which is nothing but an open heart surgical procedure meant to relieve the blockages of the arteries inside the heart. Heart being an important body organ needs effective care but with bad lifestyle and other issues, one end up getting these ailments that needs these surgeries. However, when one faces these issues, he or she has no option but to get rid of the same with the help of a surgery called CABG. Of late, India has been ranking high when it comes to catering high quality and affordable healthcare services. The country has witnessed a massive investment in the domain of healthcare giving away a number of hospital chains that are accredited by top brands. Interestingly, the healthcare services are known to have high quality services with affordable cost. Thus the CABG Surgery cost in India comes out to be very much affordable. In fact the Average Price CABG Surgery in India is less than fifty percent of the developed cities.

Understanding the Coronary artery bypass grafting surgery

As said, the coronary artery bypass grafting surgery deals with relieving the arteries blockages inside the heart.  During the aftermath of heart attack or angina (myocardial infarction), there are certain areas inside the heart that doesn’t receive enough amount of blood and hence the areas are seen starved for things like nutrients and oxygen that can give you the result in the areas of the heart, which are ischemic. With performing the surgical operation, the surgeons basically re-perfuses the free vein along with arterial bypass thing that helps in connecting the normal areas found over the arteries that are less perfused areas and the bypasses the blocked arteries. If you are keen to have this surgery overseas consider India only. The reasons are obvious you get high quality healthcare services with low CABG Surgery cost in India.

Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery – Procedure

The Coronary artery bypass grafting surgery often starts with general anaesthesia as it helps in making the procedure painless for the patients undergoing the same. In order to access the heart, the surgeon is then seen cutting the chest area wide enough, while a special heart lung machine is being used in order to bypass the blood while the heart is then stopped for a while to carry out the surgery. The heart lung machine is mainly responsible to oxidise the impure blood and it sends back to the body. The veins from the arteries or legs seen over the chest wall or the forearm are then seen harvesting that would further depend upon the number of blockages and the age of the patient. They are then seen cleaning and suturing the arteries seen above and below the plaque that creates the bypass for the blood flow along with reinstating the oxygen supply for the myocardium. The chest layers are then sutured while the patient is then shifted to the ICU for the post surgical care unit. Though in terms of cost, this surgery is expensive affair, however, going with the Average Price CABG Surgery in India

Why choose CABG Surgery in India?

One of the basic reasons to choose this country for the surgery is the low CABG Surgery cost in India. With low cost doesn’t mean you get low quality. In fact, India promises one of the best quality services for wide range of healthcare services, which certainly include the cardiac care. The country has one of the best hospitals and cardiac care institutes that are known to give high quality healthcare services. The surgeons and doctors dealing with cardiac care are highly experienced and skilled that is known to give high quality and healthcare services. All these hospitals have low average Price CABG Surgery in India. 

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Liberate your life with pain with effective Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery in India

The minimally invasive heart surgery in India is done via small incisions made using the specialized surgical instruments. The incisions are about three to four inches instead of six to eight inch incisions which are required for the traditional surgery. The benefits of the minimally invasive technique are small scars, small incisions, and shorter hospital stay after surgery. The average stay post surgery is about three to five days while for the traditional heart surgery is about seven to ten days. The recovery time is shorter and the patient will return to the normal activities faster i.e. will take about one to four weeks.

The minimally invasive heart surgery in India is a broadly applied technique to perform a wide range of complex heart procedures and this is safe procedure. It includes the bypass surgery, the single or multiple heart valve procedures and the congenital heart repairs. The procedures performed includes atrial septal defects, mitral valve repair and replacement, coronary artery bypass and aortic valve replacements.

During the minimally invasive heart surgery, the cardiac surgeon will perform this surgery through small incisions on the right side of the chest. This procedure is performed as an alternative to the open heart surgery. The heart surgeon will operate between the ribs and will not split the breastbone that will result in less pain and will lead to a quicker recovery for most people. During the minimally invasive heart surgery, the heart surgeon will have a better view of some parts of the heart than in a traditional open heart surgery.

During a minimally invasive heart surgery the heart is stopped temporarily and the blood flow is diverted from the heart using a heart lung machine. The goals of this surgery is to allow the patients to resume a more active lifestyle, improve the quality of life and lower the risk of a heart attack in patients having diabetes, this will improve the pumping action of the heart if the damage is due to a heart attack and thereby improve the chance of survival of the patients.

The minimally invasive heart surgery in India is a minimally invasive approach to the traditional bypass surgery and this is used for the correction of the coronary heart disease which is also known as a keyhole heart surgery. This procedure is done on a beating heart and therefore do not require a heart-lung machine since the heart is not made to stop pumping function. The surgery is performed to make a small incision on the left side of the chest and the surgeon will remove the internal mammary artery from the chest either directly or using da Vinci robotic system.

The harvested internal mammary artery is stitched to the coronary arteries. Most surgeons prefer the options since it is safe and an advanced procedure at low cost. Most heart surgeons prefer this option for their patients since there are less chances of complications that arises since the heart is not being stopped. Since the incisions made are smaller in length hence the surgery is less elaborate and the recovery time is shorter as well as the patient will return back to their normal activities faster as compared to the traditional open heart surgery.

India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants offers cost effective minimally invasive heart surgery in India. We have collaborated with the best hospitals and top surgeons in India to liberate your life with pain with minimally invasive heart surgery cost in India. Contact us to know the minimally invasive surgery cost in India.

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