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Liberate your life with pain with effective Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery in India

The minimally invasive heart surgery in India is done via small incisions made using the specialized surgical instruments. The incisions are about three to four inches instead of six to eight inch incisions which are required for the traditional surgery. The benefits of the minimally invasive technique are small scars, small incisions, and shorter hospital stay after surgery. The average stay post surgery is about three to five days while for the traditional heart surgery is about seven to ten days. The recovery time is shorter and the patient will return to the normal activities faster i.e. will take about one to four weeks.

The minimally invasive heart surgery in India is a broadly applied technique to perform a wide range of complex heart procedures and this is safe procedure. It includes the bypass surgery, the single or multiple heart valve procedures and the congenital heart repairs. The procedures performed includes atrial septal defects, mitral valve repair and replacement, coronary artery bypass and aortic valve replacements.

During the minimally invasive heart surgery, the cardiac surgeon will perform this surgery through small incisions on the right side of the chest. This procedure is performed as an alternative to the open heart surgery. The heart surgeon will operate between the ribs and will not split the breastbone that will result in less pain and will lead to a quicker recovery for most people. During the minimally invasive heart surgery, the heart surgeon will have a better view of some parts of the heart than in a traditional open heart surgery.

During a minimally invasive heart surgery the heart is stopped temporarily and the blood flow is diverted from the heart using a heart lung machine. The goals of this surgery is to allow the patients to resume a more active lifestyle, improve the quality of life and lower the risk of a heart attack in patients having diabetes, this will improve the pumping action of the heart if the damage is due to a heart attack and thereby improve the chance of survival of the patients.

The minimally invasive heart surgery in India is a minimally invasive approach to the traditional bypass surgery and this is used for the correction of the coronary heart disease which is also known as a keyhole heart surgery. This procedure is done on a beating heart and therefore do not require a heart-lung machine since the heart is not made to stop pumping function. The surgery is performed to make a small incision on the left side of the chest and the surgeon will remove the internal mammary artery from the chest either directly or using da Vinci robotic system.

The harvested internal mammary artery is stitched to the coronary arteries. Most surgeons prefer the options since it is safe and an advanced procedure at low cost. Most heart surgeons prefer this option for their patients since there are less chances of complications that arises since the heart is not being stopped. Since the incisions made are smaller in length hence the surgery is less elaborate and the recovery time is shorter as well as the patient will return back to their normal activities faster as compared to the traditional open heart surgery.

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