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Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer Healing Tiny Hearts and Saving Lives in Delhi


Heart surgical procedure in kids is done to repair heart defects an infant is born with (congenital coronary heart defects) and heart diseases a child gets after birth that need surgery. The surgery is needed for the child's wellbeing. There are many kinds of heart defects. Some are minor, and others are more serious. Defects can arise in the heart or within the big blood vessels outside the coronary heart. a few heart defects may additionally want surgery right after the toddler is born. For others, your child may be able to safely wait for months or years to have surgery.

High quality pediatric cardiac care by Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer best child heart specialist in India

Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer a world-renowned pediatric heart surgeon is dedicated to repairing heart defects in newborns, infants, children and adolescents. This is what he does the best, and he does a lot of it. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer the  best paediatric cardiac surgeon in India reliably succeed at procedures considered radical and daunting elsewhere, including surgeries for premature or low-birth-weight babies, heart transplants, VAD implants, and highly specialized pulmonary artery reconstruction for patients with Williams syndrome, pulmonary atresia, or major aortopulmonary collaterals. Children’s pediatric surgery program offered by Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer at Escorts Hospital in Delhi has outcomes that are among the highest in the nation. He reviews all of the available options to determine the best treatment for your child's heart problem before surgery is considered. Many children are candidates for minimally invasive surgery an approach that requires only small incisions, and allows for a faster return to normal activities. In other cases, traditional open-heart surgery is the best option for successful treatment.

Most advanced technology for cardiac treatment by Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer the best pediatric cardiologist in Delhi

Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer the best pediatric cardiologist in Delhi has earned international renown for his expertise in treating even the most complex congenital heart defects. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer the best pediatric cardiac surgeon in Delhi provides the most innovative care available for children with heart conditions present at birth or that occur after birth. As a leading heart surgeon in Delhi, he routinely provide advanced cardiac support, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and external ventricular assist device support for younger children and implantable (LVAD) support for older children. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer has expertise in all areas of pediatric cardiology services available to all ages from the unborn to the adult with congenital heart disease. Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer is one of the top pediatric heart surgeons in India, who has carried out over 20,000 cardiac surgical procedures in his career.

India cardiac surgery services advantages

With almost a decade's extensive experience in medical provider in India, India cardiac surgery services has evolved to be a leader in providing the best to people travelling for medical treatment. We rank among the best makeover travel medical experience in India. Our dedicated team puts collectively the high-quality available options to fit your price range and preferences. We associate only with the best surgeons and clinics in the country to provide nothing but the best cardiac surgery to you. Our patient will vouch for our personalized approach and procedure. We apply strong emphasis on the qualification, experience, training, communication skills, international exposure, affiliation and bed side manners of the surgeons. The cardiac hospitals and clinics that India cardiac surgery services chooses to associate with are the ones that follow strict medical protocol to ensure highest quality and safety standards to make you feel assured and relaxed. 

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Packages for Heart Valve Replacement Contact Fortis Hospital Mumbai


The heart valve replacement is done to repair or replace the diseased heart valves. Mostly, it is an open heart surgery in which the surgeon opens the chest and heart to remove the damaged valve. There are four valves in the heart of which aortic and mitral valve are the commonly replaced valves while the pulmonary and tricuspid valve replacements are uncommon in adults. India Cardiac Surgery Site offers on this Packages for the heart valve replacement at Fortis Hospital Mumbai.

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost In Mumbai

The heart valve replacement surgery cost in Mumbai offers great value proposition for the patients seeking the affordable price surgery. The cost of heart valve replacement surgery at Fortis Mumbai is less than the cost of the surgery in the West.

Options for Heart Valve Replacement

The defective valve is replaced with an artificial or prosthetic valve by sewing it to the annulus of the natural valve during the heart valve replacement. Around 95 percent of the heart valve replacements are done for the aortic or mitral valve. The options for heart valve replacement include the following:
  • Mitral valve replacement
  • Aortic valve replacement
  • Pulmonary valve replacement
  • Tricuspid valve replacement
Best Doctors Fortis Hospital Mumbai

The best doctors Fortis Hospital Mumbai use the most advanced minimally invasive heart valve replacement surgery techniques. They have been highly qualified and have vast experience to use the most advanced heart valve replacement surgery techniques for the patients. Fortis Hospital in Mumbai has a standout amongst the most experienced heart surgery group on the planet Dr. K R Balakrishnan, Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer, Dr. Z. S. Meherwal, Dr. T S Kler at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai have made major contributions in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases including the heart valve replacement. They are widely known to provide each and every patient with the best in the cardiac care prevention, diagnosis and treatment, surgery using the state of the art equipments. Most of the doctors at Fortis Hospital in Mumbai have gained specialization in the field of cardiology by providing the leadership and the ability over other cardiac surgeons of other countries. To book an instant appointment with the best doctors at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai send your query to Email Address or call at +91-9370586696

Packages for Heart Valve Replacement Contact Fortis Hospital Mumbai

India Cardiac Surgery Site Packages for the heart valve replacement from the network of cardiac surgeons at Fortis Hospital Mumbai. The surgeons perform the highest standard heart valve replacement surgery with an added advantage of cost saving. They have vast experience to perform the heart valve replacement surgery using the most advanced technology, modern equipments at the world class medical facilities with state of the art infrastructure. Undergoing the heart valve replacement at Fortis Hospital Mumbai with the Packages can provide you significant cost savings. 

Our group has association with the most renowned hospital in the healthcare industry in India, Fortis Hospital Mumbai that serves the patients with the highest quality medical services and care that is at par with the best at any international hospitals. If you are seeking the offers on this Packages for heart valve replacement, contact Fortis Hospital Mumbai through India Cardiac Surgery Site. We provide complete assistance to plan your heart valve replacement surgery in India by sending your medical visa letters, arranging you travel, meals, flight ticket bookings, transport, scheduling your appointment with the cardiac surgeons at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, language translators, foreign exchange facility, etc.

To avail the Packages for heart valve replacement at Fortis Hospital Mumbai with India Cardiac Surgery Site, call us at our International Helpline Number +91-9370586696 or send your query on our Email Address

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