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Indian aiding the Medical Tourists to reap the Benefits of Mitral Valve Repair Surgery in India

Mitral Valve Repair : An Overview

Cardiac diseases are very common for most households today. Every other person is suffering from some or the other heart problems. Owing to the fast mushrooming heart patients, there is immense pressure on Cardiologists and medical researchers to find out newer methods of treatment and surgeries. More specifically, in India, the field of Cardiology has evolved drastically with as advanced techniques like Robotic Mitral Valve Repair in India, viable.

A very common issue is where the Mitral Valve Repair is damaged and there is surgery - Mitral valve Repair – done to address this problem. The Mitral Valve procedure is recommended, when a person is suffering from the below-mentioned problems: 

  • If the Mitral Valve becomes stiff, which is blocking or disrupting the blood flow from moving forward through this valve, or if,
  • If the Mitral Valve has become too loose due to which the blood is moving in the backward direction

Mitral Valve Repair: How it is performed?

When the Mitral Valve is extremely damaged, it can even lead to heart failure and other related symptoms like difficulty in breathing, persistent fatigue, and also Heart Enlargement. So, it is very important that the diseased valve in repaired at the earliest to avoid any such symptoms. This particular surgery in highly intricate in nature and needs high precision and surgical proficiency, which is more than abundant in India.

There are different approaches, which the surgeons implement for performing Mitral Valve procedure. During this procedure, the patient is connected to a heart-lung machine.

  • In this, the surgeon makes a 2-3 inches-sized cut in the right side of the chest, close to the sternum, which is the breastbone. Then the muscles of the region are divided. This helps the surgeon to reach the heart effortlessly. Then anothersmall cut is made in the left side of the heart through which the surgeon replaces or repairs the Valve.
  • Another approach is the Endoscopic approach. In this, the Cardiac surgeon makes one to four small holes in the chest. After this, an extremely specialized tool that has a camera with it, is passed via one of the holes, which helps the surgeon to get an enhanced view of the surgical site. Then more surgical instruments are passed via the other holes and the repair is done 
  • A more advanced approach is the Robotically-assisted Valve Repair. In this, the surgeon makes 2-4 small incisions in the chestarea. The surgeons use a computer monitor control the robotic arms that are performing the procedure. On this monitor, the gets a 3D assessment of the heart; particularly the view of the Mitral Valve. Then accordingly the surgical planning is done. This is a huge help for the surgeons as the chance of complications is much lower and accuracy is much higher 

Benefits of Mitral Valve Repair

When availing a particular surgery, the patients definitely want to know the benefits associated with it. This procedure definitely has its own share of advantages, which are:

  • This procedure shows quick results 
  • Post this procedure, the patients are able to lead a very improved and active life
  • Reinstates the heart’s functioning extremely well
  • With the availability of extremely advanced approaches, those, who are not able to withstand the more invasive approaches, have another treatment option; more specifically the elder patients 
There is no doubt that the surgical Benefits of Mitral Valve Repair Surgery in India are higher than what it is in many other leading nations. This is because of the world-renowned Cardiac surgeons handling them.

Recovery time for Mitral Valve Repair

The recovery time after any surgery varies from patient-to-patient. But it is usually four-eight weeks. There is post-surgical pain, dietary restrictions and many other factors that need to be kept in mind during the recovery period. With appropriate medications and care, the patients feel stronger with each day. 

Particularly those, who are availing Mitral Valve Repair Surgery in India can be completely assured about the recovery because the Cardiac experts of India make sure that the road to recovery is as smooth as possible. With a very speedy recovery assured, the patients can enjoy utmost benefits of Mitral Valve Repair Surgery in India


Cardiac surgeries have a significant amount of urgency associated with them obviously because dealing with the one of the most vital organs of our body. But there are patients belonging to many corners of the globe, where advanced Cardiac procedures are not possible. This has given rise to medical tourism; more specifically to India. Further, with the presence of an exceptional group of hospitals and Cardiac surgeons, India Cardiac Surgery Site is making the medical tours to India totally worth; especially coming for Mitral Valve Repair Surgery in India.

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