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Where to get the best Cardiac Surgery India?

Cardiac Surgery in India

A cardiac surgery is the surgery performed by the cardiac surgeons on the heart. Frequently, it is done to treat the complications of the ischemic heart disease, treat the valvular heart disease caused by endocarditis, correct the congenital heart disease and also include the heart transplantation.

The cardiac surgeries are performed to address the following issues:
  1. Repair or replace the valves which control the blood flow through the heart’s chambers
  2. Repair the aneurysms or bulges in the aorta that can be deadly if they burst.
  3. Bypass or widen the blocked o r narrowed arteries to the heart.
  4. Implant devices to regulate the heart rhythms.
  5. Make the channels in the heart muscle to allow the blood from a heart chamber directly into the heart muscle.
  6. Destroy the small amounts of tissue which disturb the electrical flow through the heart.
  7. Replace the damaged heart with a heart from a donor.
  8. Boost the heart’s pumping power with the muscles taken from the back or the abdomen.
Who Needs a Cardiac Surgery?

A cardiac surgery is used to treat the people having certain heart disease and conditions. Heart surgery is an option if the other treatments including the lifestyle changes, medicines and medical procedures haven’t worked or cannot be used. The cardiac surgery is used for treating the heart failure and the coronary heart disease and it is also used to fix the heart valves which do not work properly, to control the heart rhythms and replace a damaged heart with a healthy one.

Types of Cardiac Surgery

The cardiac surgery can be used to fix the different types of heart problems:
  1. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG): It is the most common type of heart surgery which is used for people having severe coronary heart disease (CHD).
  2. Heart Valve Repair or Replacement: It is done to fix the leaflets which do not open as wide as they should and this can happen if they become stiff or thick or fuse together. Due to this, not enough blood flows through the valve into the artery. If the leaflets do not close tightly, then the blood can leak backwards into the heart chambers, instead of only moving forward into the arteries. To fix these problems, the surgeon will either repair or replace the valves.
  3. Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization (TLR): It is a surgery which is used to treat angina when no other treatments work.
  4. Aneurysm repair: Repairing an aneurysm involves surgery for replacing the weak section of the artery or the heart wall with a graft or a patch.
  5. Arrhythmia treatment: Usually they are treated with medicines, if it doesn’t work well enough then you need surgery.
  6. Heart transplant: It is a surgery to remove a person’s diseased heart and replace it with a healthy one from a deceased donor.
  7. Open heart surgery: It is any kind of surgery where a surgeon makes a large incision in the chest to open the rib cage and operate on the heart. It is used to bypass the blocked arteries in the heart, treat the atrial fibrillation, repair or replace the heart valves and perform the heart transplant.
  8. Ventricular assist devices (VADs): These are mechanical pumps used to support the heart function and blood flow in people having weakened hearts.
  9. Minimally invasive heart surgery: It is used for some CABG and maze procedures, repair or replace the heart valves and insert the pacemakers or the ICDs.
Where to get the best cardiac surgery in India?

Cardiac care has become a specialty in India with a world class healthcare infrastructure equipped with latest innovations in the medical electronics with the unmatched expertise in leading cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons. India Cardiac Surgery Site is a reputed medical tourism company in India providing the comprehensive cardiac care by providing the best cardiac surgery in India.

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