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Heart Valve Repair India at Low Cost Budget - India Cardiac Surgery Site


The heart valve repair surgery in India may be done when a valve leaflet is floppy and prolapse. This procedure involves surgically cutting, separating out a section or pleating a valve leaflet. The heart valve repair surgery cost in India is done at low cost budget at India Cardiac Surgery Site. During the heart valve surgery, one or more valves will be repaired which is mended to help it work better. The procedures for a heart repair will depend on which valve is damaged. Most likely the tricuspid or mitral valve will be repaired. A large percentage of patients with mitral valve damage will have successful heart valve repair in India.

Surgery for Heart Valve Repair with India Cardiac Surgery Site

  • Stenosis
The stenosis or valve narrowing may be corrected by separating, reconstruction or cutting the valve leaflets or other valve components for widening the opening of the valve. Most patients with stenosis or valve narrowing will need to undergo a valve replacement.
  • Regurgitation
Regurgitation or valve leakage may be corrected by replacing or shortening the supportive valve structures that will allow the valve to close tightly by inserting a prosthetic ring to reshape a deformed valve.

The valve flaps or leaflets will be modified to stop the blood from flowing backwards. The patient will need to undergo the surgery for heart valve repair if their valve does not work properly. A valve which does not open fully will limit the forward blood flow and this is called as stenosis. A valve which does not close all the way will allow the blood to leak backwards and this is called as regurgitation.

Who need to undergo heart valve repair surgery?

You may need to undergo a heart valve repair surgery for the following reasons:

  • Defects in the heart valve causes major heart symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain or angina, heart failure or fainting spells or syncope.
  • Your heart valve has been damaged due to infection of the heart valve or endocarditis.
  • The tests show that the changes in the heart valve are beginning to seriously affect the heart function.
  • You have received a new heart valve in the past and it is not working well or you have other problems such as bleeding, infection or blood clots.

What to expect during heart valve repair in India?

During the heart valve repair surgery in India, the surgeon will open the chest to get to your heart and the problem valve. The patient will be anesthetised during this surgery and will feel no pain. During this procedure, you will be put on a heart lung machine which will take your breathing and the blood circulation.

One or more of the following procedures will be carries out during the heart valve repair surgery cost in India - remove the calcium deposits which may have a built up around the valve leaflets, add support to the base of the valve or the annulus by adding tissues or by sewing an annulus band or a ring around the outside of the valve.

The goal of the heart valve repair surgery in India involves lengthening and improving the quality of life of the patients by maintaining an adequate supply of oxygen rich blood flowing through the heart. The heart valve repair surgery cost in India at India Cardiac Surgery Site is low and it will reduce the possibility of damaging the heart and blood vessels and you will return back to a healthy and active life.

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