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The low cost angiography surgery in India is a medical imaging technique in which an X-ray image is taken for visualizing the insides of the blood vessels and organs of the body. It comes from the Greek words “angeion” meaning vessel and “graphein” meaning to write or record. The X-ray film or image of the blood vessels is commonly called angiogram or anangiograph. 

During the year 1927, Egas Moniz, a Portuguese physician, neurologist and Nobel Prize laureate has developed a technique of contrasted X-ray cerebral angiography for diagnosing the nervous disease like the tumors and the arteriovenous malformations. Often he is recognized as one of the pioneers in this field. After introduction of the Seldinger technique in the year 1953, the angiography procedure in India has considerably become safer as no sharp introductory devices required to remain inside the vascular lumen. 

Why it is done?

Angiography is an X-ray examination of the veins, arteries and heart chambers that looks at the blood flow. The angiography procedure in India is used for identifying the sites of narrowing or blockage in arteries that can reveal any blood clots, any weakening or bulging of artery walls i.e. aneurysms or calcium deposists. Usually, the angiography surgery in India is needed to decide which treatment is necessary for heart failure. 

Angiography Procedure in India

Angiography Procedure in India involves using a fine, flexible, hollow tube which is inserted into a blood vessel in the arm or groin. The tip of the tube is either positioned in the heart or at the entry of the arteries supplying the heart before injection of a special dye that is visible by X-ray and these pictures are known as angiograms. Depending on the type of Angiography Surgery in India, access to the blood vessels is gained through the Femoral artery to look at left side of the heart and the arterial system or femoral vein to look at right side of the heart and venous system. 

Using a system of guide wires and catheters, a type of contrast agent will be added to the blood to make it visible on the X-ray images. They may either be still images taken, displayed on a film, image intensifier or motion images. Expect the heart, for all structures the images are usually taken using a technique called as digital subtraction angiography (DSA). 

Usually, images in this case are taken at two to three frames per second allowing the radiologist to assess the flow of the blood through the vessels. This technique subtracts the bones and other organs so that only the vessels are filled with contrast agent can be seen. The heart images are taken at 15-30 frames per second, not using a subtraction technique. The DSA needs the patient to remain motionless which cannot be used on the heart. Both the techniques will enable the cardiologist or radiologist to see stenosis i.e. the blockages and narrowing’s inside the vessel that may be inhibiting the flow of blood and cause pain. 

Why Patient should consult India Cardiac Surgery Site for Low cost Angiography Surgery in India?

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