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Peripheral Arteries Bypass Surgery by Dr. Balaji V Committed to Care in Neurology Treatment in India


Peripheral artery pass is surgical procedure to reroute the blood supply round a blocked artery in taken into consideration certainly one of your legs. Fatty deposits can build up inside the arteries and block them. A graft is used to replace or bypass the blocked part of the artery. The graft may be a plastic tube, or it can be a blood vessel (vein) taken from your body (most customarily the other leg) all through the same surgical procedure.

During bypass surgery of any artery in India

During peripheral bypass surgery, the blocked artery is left in place and a new artery is placed to detour blood around the blockage. This lets in the blood to flow around the blockage and reach the the leg. Large arteries are commonly bypassed with man-made grafts. Smaller arteries are generally bypassed the use of veins out of your own leg. The surgery is done thru incisions in your groin and alongside the length of your leg. The surgeon attaches the graft at the top and bottom end. The area that is blocked will no longer receive any blood flow. At the end of the procedure, your incision will be closed with surgical clips.To book an instant appointment with the Dr Balaji V  Best Vascular Surgeon Chennai send your query to Email Address dr.balajiv@indiacardiacsurgery.com or call at +91-9370586696

Dr. Balaji V aiding the right diagnosis and right treatment of vascular diseases in India

Dr. Balaji V best vascular surgeon in Chennai provides treatment for a wide variety of vascular diseases. Dr. Balaji V vascular surgeon specialist in Chennai is committed to excellence in patient care, basic & clinical research on disease affecting his patients and training of next generation of vascular surgeon’s. Dr. Balaji V top vascular surgeon at Apollo Chennai primary goal is to provide his patients with customized best treatment options available in surgical care. Dr. Balaji V best vascular surgeon in India caters to the full spectrum of arterial, venous and lymphatic disorders; with cutting-edge technology he delivers services at par with international standards. Dr. Balaji V top vascular surgery doctor in Chennai investigates each and every patient in order to have a comprehensive understanding of their condition.

Dr. Balaji V offers an expert advice in neurology treatment in Chennai

Dr. Balaji V top vascular surgery doctor in Chennai is a well-known surgeon in the field of vascular surgery in India. With a successful practice of 11+ years, he works with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai one of the renowned hospitals in India. Dr. Balaji V head of vascular surgery at Apollo Hospitals Chennai expertise lies in laser treatment of varicose veins, venus ulcers, Intra-arterial thrombolysis procedures, and cellulitis. Patients are seen in the out-patient clinic on appointment basis. Urgent and emergency cases are seen as direct referral or through the emergency department. Dr. Balaji V is renowned vascular surgery specialists performing high risk vascular surgery procedure with very good success rate comparable with best vascular surgeon in the world. Dr. Balaji V top vascular surgery doctor in Chennai offers quality surgery while he guarantees the lowest cost. His understanding of Indian healthcare enables him to provide cost that is reasonable, affordable and transparent. 

India cardiac surgery services
  • First consultation about the overall of your personal conditions and the treatment programs available in India.
  • Recommend the professional vascular surgeon and team with highly experienced and international standard qualified.
  • Offer the health secretary service to co-operate with hospital and make your personal arrangement.
  • Planning your personal program, expected the date (treatment period), estimate budgeting.
  • Arrange the accommodations, living place/hotel up to the treatment expected date and your requirement.
On your coming
  • Arrange the transportation to pick up you at Airport and send to the hotel we've prepared.
  • Assist for any necessary needed during your long staying.
  • On the hospital appointment day, take you to hospital and be your health secretary, assist you to manage your plan details from doctor.
  • Visiting during the recovery period
  • Recommend and guide you the attraction trips in India, so that you can relax and enjoy during the treatment vacation.
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If you are an international patient and would like an appointment, or email us dr.balajiv@indiacardiacsurgery.com Our friendly staff will assist you in arranging your appointment and any paperwork. Call at +91 – 9765025331


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